At the Fall 2021 show held at the Promenade room at the Chowder Pot in Hartford we had the pleasure of hosting a display by our good friend, member and resident M1 Carbine expert Dan Pinto. Dan is the curator of and a walking encyclopedia when it comes to M1’s. Left side from top to bottom “Sniperscope” Inland T3 carbine with a M1 infrared scope Inland M1 carbine used by the Bavarian Rural Police in the US occupied zone. Commercial M1 carbine manufactured by Howa LTD for the Royal Thai Police Chinese copy of theRead More →

It was our pleasure to bring to the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild November 2015 gun show one of the only collections known of all of the variations of the Fox Carbine along with original documentation retained by one of the former owners of the original TRI-C Corporation, Mr. John Hoover. Thanks to Stephen King, owner of Hop River Trading and We were pleased to be accompanied on Saturday by Mr. Hoover along with the former Vice President of Sales for TRI-C Corporation, Mr. Gerry Swiatek. John and Gerry had not seen each other in over 40 years and it turned out to be quiteRead More →

Under the terms of the Versailles Treaty the number of rifles the German Army was limited to 84,000 Gew.98’s and 18,000 Kar.98a’s (later increased by 50,000 rifles to be used as a reserve). The German Military worked around these restrictions by assembling rifles from previously made parts and by hiding large numbers of rifles from the Versailles weapons commission.Read More →